a I CAN SAY IT! The 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

Our President, and Democrats in Congress Despise the 1st Amendment!
They Do Not Want "WE THE PEOPLE" To Be Free To Speak.


Saving Our Nation

Just in case Hillary happens to Win the Election.
To everyone who voted for her. How long will it be before all of you finally understand how YOU are responsible for the END of what we all knew, as the Former United States of America?WE must never forget Why Our Nation is being Destroyed.
911 September 11th, 2001

All Americans should know the honest facts about Many Democrat Politicians Today.
They know they can only succeed in politics if they Convince Gullible, Uneducated, Easily-led Americans to vote for them.
The greatest enemy of politicians is Knowledge, and Education. So they succeed by contolling Education for their benefit.
They are EXPERT Liars.
Uneducated Americans Believe They Can Always Depend on Government.
Which is how Politicians survive.
Because Politicians Pretend they want Americans to have a good education. The politicians are systematically, slowly, and deliberately destroyed America from Within, just as President Lincoln warned.

Education in America

Now is the time to eliminate the Federal Government Control over our children's education.
Start by sharing this video with your children, and grand children.
YOU may even learn something too!

This video shows the difference between Capitalism, and Socialism.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
have big plans to destroy America,
and millions of Americans will help them
because Too Many Americans are terribly Uneducated, and do not know the difference.

Do you know what our Constitution Says?

Many of Our School Systems Do Not Teach It!

We are Defending the 1st Amendment Rights!
A Majority of the American People Have No Idea
Our Government Wants To Take That Right, Away!

Neither the 1st Amendment, nor Our Constitution, use the words: "Separation of church & State!" For Those Who Foolishly Insist Otherwise.

The wording...
"Separation of church and state"

is based on Thomas Jefferson's reply
to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut in 1802.
But as Yale law professor Stephen Carter pointed out,
"The separation of church and state, properly understood,
comes from the work not of Thomas Jefferson, as is widely perceived,
but from the insights of Roger Williams."


In today's growing, selfish, immoral society sanctioned by the Liberal mindset of Political Correctness. Millions of Americans now claim they have no faith, nor do they believe in a higher being, or God. Which oddly allows them to Ignore, and even Disobey the common laws of man; known to millions as the Ten Commandments. For those who say they DO NOT BELIEVE in any God. Breaking the common laws of man is a natural way, or excuse they use to Break, and Disobey those common laws.


Any American who hasn't heard the President Lie to the American people only needs to see the Factual, Documented, Honest, Uncut video's. If you still believe he isn't a Liar. YOU are lying to yourself.

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