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This is a personal warning from the editor of ICANSAYIT.
Far too many Americans have little, or no idea what has been taking place in Washington, D.C. over the last few years.
Few Americans have any idea how our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties, granted to us by our Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, are literally being torn to shreds by the Ideological extreme, leftist groups who want America to become a 3rd World Nation under a Socialist form of government.
Sadly. The most extreme group in our nation, whose only intent for them is to gain more power, is the Democrat Party. A political party that would prefer WE THE PEOPLE remain dependent upon Government.
As the editor of this site. Sadly, due to hatred. I cannot use my name. Therefore, I suggest You should not believe, or accept anything you may read here without first, checking, on your own, to verify the information presented is accurate. In fact, as the author of this site. I suggest you personally verify what you read here to be true, and Honest! I know You may disagree, or deny the accuracy of what you read. However... I promise all information presented here, has been checked for accuracy. I have No Need to Fabricate, or Lie to Anyone, even those who will call me a Liar.