The DEEP STATE people who are still embedded within the DOJ, FBI, and hiding in plain sight in Washington.
They stand to lose billions if, and when all of this information finally is released.
Anyone who insists that Hillary's list of suspicious deaths is just a conspiracy...
probably doesn't fear for their life.
The key word in all of this is, and always will be....'MONEY'.
Big pharma has their hands in the pockets of American politicians who do not want a WALL,
because that will stop the Cartel's from enriching the politicians.
Politicians like Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, and most all of the 2020 candidates
who LIE for more power over WE THE PEOPLE.
Mark my words. The END of all of this is NOWHERE in sight.
At least not until after the 2020 election when
they may be leaving the country to avoid prosecution, as President TRUMP directs the HONORABLE, FAITHFUL members of the FBI, and Justice Department to go after them as they seek places on Earth, where Extradition isn't possible.