Black Americans

Learn why Democrats Do Not Want Black Americans to become Educated, or gain knowledge. Read:
Democrats know; the people who normally, always vote Democrat are usually Black Americans, and lower income Americans who depend on Govt. Entitlements. So the Democrats cater to those Americans before elections, and, as shown by the "FAILED" Great Society Promises of the Sixties, the Democrat voters are instantly forgotten...AFTER THE ELECTION.

The Five Men Shown Below Are NOT The Friends Of Black Americans.
Recent History In America Has Shown Them To Be Hypocrites To Black America!

See How President Obama Failed Black Americans.

Democrats pretend they were responsible for stopping slavery, while more than 100 years have passed, and Democrats treat their Uneducated (purposely) Black Voters like slaves, while keeping them living in poverty, and lying to them as inducements to get their votes (because their parents voted Democrat because they were fooled). Americans of all colors need to finally accept...Democrats only win because they have mastered the art of LYING, WINKING, and forgetting voters after elections.
Most Americans alive today with any kind of ability to think, no matter what skin color, know; Democrats have pandered, lied, insulted, blackmailed, extorted, and pretended to care for Black people the most... just before all elections, when they remind Black folk that their parents, and grandparents voted for Dems, and they should too! Trouble is. American Black Citizens today are ahead of Democrats because they are more informed, more educated, and not as DUMB as Democrats have tried to KEEP them since LBJ pretended to care for Black Americans...just to get them off his back as he called them (secretly) The "N" word as often as he took a breath. So the Dems need Black Americans to remain loyal to them by Voting. But...after the elections are over. Democrats want nothing to do with Black Americans until the next vote.
Since the days of LBJ's Great (Phony) Society. Democrats have intentionally denied Black Americans access to education, while, at the same time..they demand Black voters vote for them because they EXTORT votes by demanding more money for education as a LURE. When the reality is. Democrats DO NOT WANT BLACK AMERICANS smart enough to understand how DEMOCRATS have been cheating, and lying to them all these years. Dems only need black Votes...then forget them.
More of the same...about Baltimore.
Democrats always Lie about the Kids, and Education up front. But the reality is... Democrats do not want impoverished, Black Americans in cities like Baltimore to get access to a Good Education, because Knowledge by the voters is dangerous to Democrats, when the people learn the truth about how Democrats only want votes... then forget Black Americans until the next election.