When You See This......Anywhere as you read.
It Signifies A Word The Social Networks and Fake News Outlets Consider ForbiddenAnd Will Instantly Censor Because They Deem It Untrue, Or Hate Speech.Preventing Sites Like "ICANSAYIT" From Easy Internet Access Since Google Dominates Search.
Be careful if you decide to visit here.
We are going to expose Truth Which is Offensive and may be Insulting.
Americans Who are unwilling to be presented with the Truth Will Try To Cancel Us
Because They Hate Everything America Stands For That Hurts Their Feelings!
We Refuse To Let Them Take Away Our Rights, Freedoms, And Liberty Because They Are Offended.
But We Proudly Tell Them To Kiss Our...

Even You May Become Their Target If They Find Out You Visited Here!
Be Brave. As American Citizens. We Have Nothing To Apologize For, Or Anybody To Apologize For Anything.

Please Do Not Visit Here
If You Are Easily Offended, or Insulted.
proudly admits
(according to all Trump Haters) To Being Every Name They Can Throw At Us. So. Let me solve this right now.
Let me add:YES! ICANSAYIT is Racist For Telling Only The Truth!
And All Of The Honest Facts Are Here...
Bottom Line: Radical, American Socialist, Democrats Want To Destroy America.
The Elites from both Political Parties Look down their noses at "WE THE PEOPLE".
The Elites In Washington are Ideologically Radical, Offended, Insulted, and Angry,
Because President Trump Doesn't care what they think.
He has ruined the Political Elites, and their promise of perpetual, endless political career's
by exposing Americans to the actual Truth...politicians can never succeed in changing.
Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Trump Haters, American Socialists, American Communists,
Terrorists Groups Like Antifa Use The Name Calling Very Well.
Because those names actually are reflective of what All of Them Are, and have become Themselves.
FOR ALL AMERICANS. If Any Of The Democrat Candidates Beat Donald Trump.
We all Know...
... is
Doomed If We Allow The Socialist/Communists In Congress To Destroy Us.
Socialism Has Never Been Successful Anywhere In The World.
Yet, Radical Democrats In Congress Want Socialism to replace Individual Success.
Democrats first need to Impeach the President in order to Install a Socialist Form of Government.
They Want The Power To Make All Americans Become Intentional, Perpetual Victims of A Tyranical Government.
A Government That Runs All American Lives Their Way-Or The Highway!
Some Radical Americans Want Socialism To Take Over!
Liberal, Radical, Democrats who Support Socialism, are Authoritarians.
Either we follow their rules, or we are labeled Dishonest, Racists.
Truth Is. They are all Crazy. Uninformed, Irresponsible, Spoiled, Easily-Led
They Are All Convinced, Everything Should Be Done Their way, and All For FREE! Without Telling Their Voters They Will Raise Their Taxes To Pay For All of The

Like so many thousands of Republicans who feared being canceled. So to are there many Democrats who live in their darkness, afraid to say what they really think, or feel because their friends will dissown them and cancel them too.
DEFINITIONS of Words Used Wrong And Not Understood When Used.