This Is For Those Who May Not Know How To Be Good, Kind, Unselfish Human Beings.

The Laws Of Honest, Thinking Human Beings.
There Are Americans Who Deny Our Constitution Is Based On The Ten Commandments.
They Insist It Is Against Our First Amendment Which Does Not Mention, Separation Of Church & State, Anywhere In The Constitution.
Nor Do They Obey Our Laws, Or The 10 Commandments.
Common Rules To Guide And Decide How A Civil Society Behaves.
Millions Of Americans, Young, And Old, Now Claim They Do Not Believe In Any GOD.
Nor Do They Practice Any Religious Beliefs.
ICANSAYIT Knows Those Non Believers Use That As Their Safety Excuse Used To Convince Themselves How Breaking The Common Laws Of Man Is Okay Or Legal.
An Excuse They Use To Avoid Being Held Responsible For Their Actions.
If You Are In Any Way Offended, Or Insulted With The Word..."GOD",
This May Be A Good Place For YOU To Learn More Than What Other People Tell You To Believe.